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We welcome you on the website of the nursery "Mastiff Way"


Since 2010 our nursery has been specializing in the cultivation of the Tibetan Mastiff's breed (Tibetan Mastiff). We hope that you will be able to find the honourable friend, the attached defender, the fearless bodyguard and the excellent partner.


We professionally cultivate the Tibetan Mastiffs of so-called European and Chinese lines! Having visited our nursery, you will be able to look at the best representatives of both lines of the Tibetan Mastiffs!

DELIVERY of the PUPPY through joint efforts is possible to organize practically to any city of Russia or other country. All expenses for the delivery to other cities and the countries are carried out by means of the buyer.


Mastiff's puppies from the titled parents in Yekaterinburg


The dog of the Tibetan mastiff's breed is an excellent security guard and the faithful friend. It is impossible to call communication with such dog careless, - as well as all familiar animals, a mastiff need full leaving, training, socialization and the balanced food. But the mastiff's owners love to care of so grateful and balanced dog with a delightful mane.


The mastiff's puppies are naughty and a little clumsy woollen balls who show since childhood the security instinct. Mastiffs security guards have the corporate style of control over their possession - they try to occupy the highest place in the territory to have the good review. The intelligence of these dogs will impress even the most sceptically adjusted people.


The popularity of such dogs steadily grows in Russia, the demand exceeds the supply.


If you decide to get the mastiff's puppy, you should expect in the near future:

  • beautiful moderately active partner;

  • large shaggy animal who needs regular walking;

  • the social pet who well gets on both with children, and with other animals, this dog does not offend small pets;;

  • the fair dog who will fight back the offender the dogs will not suffer aggression in the own address or to their owners’ ones;

  • need to regularly comb a dog's delightful mane - it will help and to support an animal well-groomed and to prevent wool expansion in the house.

To the choice of a puppy of the Tibetan Mastiff we advise to approach seriously that there were no questions to the Internet. We advise you to visit nurseries as far as possible, look at their achievements, graduates and producers. It is desirable to visit large, International and Monopedigree exhibitions, where a great number of pedigree dogs participate.
Choose what the dog's type is pleasant to you, surely you look at parents of future puppy, frame, growth, character, at an early age puppies are all cuties, and when they will grow surely will resemble parents. Therefore, a picture is worth a thousand words, in live if there is no opportunity, on demand we will always send video.
On demand we will show growth of our boys with the height meter.
All our producers are clean from a dysplasia, have official certificates of the Russian Canine Federation, passed test on mentality for admission in cultivation (are uploaded to the website on personal pages). The Tibetan Mastiff should not be aggressive.
In our nursery at your desire you can personally communicate and stroke any of our pets. It gives probability that puppies of our nursery will have adequate character. The function of the security guard covered with the Tibetan Mastiff blood.
For your convenience we made a page "Our MUMMIES of 2019", where you will be able to look at always new photos of our future mummies, till the birth of puppies, after the birth of puppies, to look at their growth and development!
We are always glad to communicate and meet you in our nursery!
Records are kept for puppies. when making a reserve
Assumed colors, red
Assumed colors, black and tan, red
Assumed colors, black and tan, red
Assumed colors, black and tan
Kids can be viewed here (фото)
Assumed colors, black and tan, white

If you can’t visit our nursery, we suggest to watch video by our producers.



Monopedigree exhibition Yekaterinburg, Habur is the winner of all exhibition!

The expert is Bukreeva Svetlana



The monopedigree exhibition Tyumen, Habur became Champion to the National Coalition Party, also got the title Champion's Grandee!

The expert is Ovsyannikova Yulia


Our nursery is exclusive in the Ural and Siberian region, where graduates are winners of the largest exhibitions. We have two World champions, the Vice-World champion, Russia, Eurasia!!!



Mysterious Kailash is WORLD CHAMPION of 2016!

Mastiff Wei Zolton is Vice-WORLD CHAMPION of 2016!


Winner of all exhibition Eurasia 2, 2017!


The puppy of a mastiff is not recommended to be taken if you had no pet earlier. Its impressive dimensions, need it is correct to build the relations, train a dog again and again - all this demands some experience, love to animals and abilities to be the leader.

The character of the Tibetan mastiff is kind, but it is also stubborn


The mastiff's puppies grow big and frightening - the adult dog can reach 80 kilograms and 77 centimetres in withers. Power, endurance, strong bones and the developed muscles and also warm wool - all this was very necessary for a dog in inclement climatic conditions of the Tibetan mountains. But these dogs are quite peaceful and stress-resistant, a mastiff's sting of the person is an extreme atypical case. But it is necessary to tell that the probability is not the zero, a lot of things depend on education, discipline and socialization of a dog.


Security guard mastiffs, as a rule, learn not to bite the offending person, but to force down from legs. Therefore, active games with children demand control of the owner that all participants should remain in vertical position. But in a quiet situation the mastiff is very responsible "nurse", in ancient times in the Tibetan villages to a dog of this breed charged to look after children. But we do not recommend to leave a dog in the children's company without adults, at emergence of children's quarrels the dog can decide that the person under his care is in danger and to frighten the opponent.


The mastiff can be quite stubborn. Implicit obedience is not about it, especially if the owner is not fully confident in his leadership skills. It is necessary to deserve honour and respect of a mastiff therefore if you are not ready to confirm constantly the right for leadership, then it is better to prefer to a mastiff's puppies the puppy of another breed - a golden retriever or a German shepherd.


About behaviour


When speak about a dog as about the loyal friend, it is addressed to a mastiff in absolute degree. He will not live as a tramp, in fact he will fearlessly protect the owner, he will be glad to joint games and show patience to importunate children. But also the mastiff is not persuasive, he will not begin to stick to the owner without invitation, and will apply himself. To gnaw slippers, for example. Joke. But if not to take care of toys for a dog, then more expensive things also can be put to use.


That the dog did not gnaw footwear and other valuable things, it is necessary:


  • To provide to the pet a chewing bone in the period of a teething. The young active dog suffering from an itch and gum pain is a real danger to things. The special flexible toy will satisfy a dog and neutralizes discomfort.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to a dog - to walk, play, stroke. Boredom is the faithful partner for harmful occupations for the mastiff’s puppy.
  • To react correctly and timely to the process or the accomplished fact of damage of footwear. If you became the witness of the fact that the dog gnaws a thing, immediately stop it and strictly explain that it is inadmissible. Offer a toy in exchange. If the first cases of "vandalism" remain unaddressed, in the future the long term habit with which it will be quite difficult to cope will be created.


Elite mastiffs' puppies in Yekaterinburg


In the nursery "Mastiff Way" you can buy a puppy from the titled representatives of breed. These dogs give fine genetics to the kids who will also quickly turn into huge handsome. The genetic features of mastiff's puppies are necessary to mention:


  • the good growth corresponding to an ideal exterior of breed;
  • good health;
  • balanced character;
  • powerful muscles;
  • strong frame.


Our kids will become worthy representatives of breed and will introduce in life of the owner a lot of drive, warm-heartedness and reliable protection. And, of course, such magnificent dog, will bring esthetical pleasure.


Not for nothing parents of our mastiff's puppies have reached extreme heights at specialized exhibitions of the international level. And in Europe, and around the world mastiffs of the nursery "Mastiff Way" are recognized champions, and their puppies will also become worthy representatives of the tribe and your good friends.


Look at a photo of mastiff's puppies and also their ancestors presented on the website! It is should admire power, grace and reserved severity of these delightful animals. They can be both charming cuties, and the threaten guards.


History of the Tibetan mastiff's breed


The Tibetan mastiff is the breed, having the largest number of legends about it. And all the matter is that the homeland of dogs is Tibet, mysterious and thoughtful. There always was something sacral and inexplicable. And this aura extended also to security guard dogs who long since there were very demanded.


One more reason is very ancient origin. Aristotle mentioned about a mastiff in in his works which were written long before Christmas. So the breed contains more than two millennia at least.


During the era preceding Common Era, the Tibetan mastiffs already deserved reputation of irreplaceable assistants in work - protection and assistance to people in a way on mountain tracks. The big physical force, endurance and high intelligence of an animal well served both the Himalaya travelers, and the Tibetan monks who attracted dogs for guarding work.


Mastiffs did not hurry to Europe and Russia. In Europe the first mastiff appeared at the Queen Victoria who was remembered in the history by many significant innovations which were entirely accepted by many people. It happened in the middle of the 19th century. And the first issue of mastiffs (this couple also got to England, but was transported to Germany later) appeared in 1898. This event became historical without exaggeration, exactly thanks to it we can get such improbable pet today - the Tibetan mastiff.


The Tibetan mastiff is the ancestor of many breeds


Many leading canine handlers are sure that all dogs entering into group of Molossers occurred from the Tibetan mastiff. It means that fanciers of dogs of very many breeds have to esteem a mastiff as the forefather. The list of breeds which occurred from a mastiff:


  • Senbernar;
  • English bulldog;
  • German mastiff;
  • German boxer;
  • Shar-Pei;
  • Rottweiler;
  • Bordeaux mastiff;
  • Newfoundland dog.


Actually all massive dogs are related to the Tibetan mastiff.


What conditions need to be provided to get a puppy of a mastiff


  • Firstly, the scope. A dog is not recommended to be contained in the apartment, many millennia her ancestors protected extensive territories therefore it is comfortably to a mastiff to live in a country house.
  • Secondly, moderate balanced food. The diet is very responsible subject. It is necessary to feed puppies of a mastiff up to 6 months 6 times a day with equal intervals between meals. A diet basis is meat (preferably beef, but pork and lamb are too fat for a dog), a significant part is eggs, fermented milk products, and the menu of a dog should contain vegetables and cereals. It is also possible to feed a dog with a qualitative dry feed or canned food which marking corresponds to age. The adult individual is fed by 2 times a day. It is important to observe whether a dog has of excess fat which negatively affects health of the pet.
  • Readiness to find time for daily walks, communication, wool combing.


What products should be avoided in a diet of a mastiff:


  • river fish can lead to infection with parasites;
  • tubular bones can wound a mouth and a gullet of an animal;
  • smoked products, excess of salt, excessively greasy food harm digestion of a dog and worsen health.


Healthy nutrition of a mastiff is expensive. Before purchase of a puppy estimate whether there will be these expenses burdensome for your budget. To save on full-fledged food means to reduce life to an animal.


The breed's problems


The mastiff’s puppies grow in the large dogs covered with dense wool. And it that can bring troubles upon the owner. Wool is hypoallergenic, it is also esthetically unattractive if it migrates from the pet's mane on carpets and upholstered furniture.


It is also necessary to warn about the increased salivation which will demand additional care.


And in end we warn about booming bark which the dog warns an offending person about inadmissibility of invasion. Sonorous bark of a mastiff in Tibet was compared to blows in a copper gong. Therefore, it is not recommended to get such dog if your neighbors live near and are ranked as audial.


Before purchase of the mastiff's puppy it is necessary to weigh all pros and cons carefully. To get a dog is a heavy responsibility. It is necessary to care for the pet for life, he like a child whom it is impossible to refuse if suddenly you understand that you have been tired to support a dog in appropriate conditions.


We seek to provide to the mastiff's puppies of the nursery "Mastiff Way" worthy life, it is our duty. Good nutrition, a scope and love of the owner are indispensable components of happy life of a dog. You do not hurry with the decision, make the choice consciously.

The nursery of the Tibetan mastiffs DO KHYI "Mastiff Way" located in Yekaterinburg invites everyone to get acquainted with this unique breed of dogs which history is rooted in the deep past. We at the professional level are engaged in cultivation of the Tibetan mastiffs therefore if you are faced by a task to buy thoroughbred breed of a dog from a good family tree, you contacted the address.


The mastiff's puppies who are grown up in our nursery are incredibly lovely creatures which are similar to little teddy bears. Having fervent and restless character, they are very active and are in the constant movement that delights not only children, but also adults.


However, growing, the mastiff's puppies turn into a big dog with strong balanced character, appeasable temper and kind heart. The Tibetan mastiff is the guarding breed of dogs therefore in case of extreme situations, your faithful dog will belief and the truth protect you and your property therefore you can be absolutely sure of its reliability and faultless qualities of a security guard dog.


The Tibetan mastiff is an ideal dog of whom it is possible to dream only as you can safely entrust this remarkable animal protection of the family and to be sure for 100% that your canine companion, the Tibetan mastiff, will share with you all vital pleasures and adversities.


Characteristic features of the Tibetan mastiff are:


  • the developed intelligence and ingenuity;
  • devotion, good nature and friendliness;
  • quiet and balanced character;
  • obedience and appeasable temper;
  • sociability and desire always to come to the rescue.


Despite the restlessness, the mastiff's puppies not bad give in to training thanks to what you from early age will be able to bring up the loyal and devoted friend, the reliable defender and the fearless security guard.


The lovely, restless and playful the mastiff's puppies bought in the nursery DO KHYI "MASTIFF WAY" shortly will turn into a dog who has incredibly quiet temper and self-confidence. This independent animal full of self-respect, he will be unconditionally obedient to the owner and also will be attached and full of love to other family members, and especially – to children.


The love of children distinguishes this breed of dogs from the others. The Tibetan mastiff feeds special tenderness for little fidgets, showing special caress and patience to their games and pranks. This remarkable dog likes to spend time with children very much, including, participating in their games, taking of them care, protecting them.


If you are interested in getting a true friend who loves communication and will be able easily to find a common language with members of all family, and especially with children – that you surely need the mastiff's puppies whom you can buy in our nursery at reasonable prices.


ATTENTION: the mastiff's puppies can be delivered practically to any city of Russia or other country. All expenses on delivery to other cities and the countries are carried out by means of the buyer.


You can look the photo of the mastiff's puppies from the previous dung in the part "GRADUATES".

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